RC Heli Videos

Scale RC Bell Viper (Cobra) Helicopter Video

This is a great RC Helicopter Video of a scale AH-1Z Viper Helicopter.  The owner put some serious time in to building this RC Heli.  It even has working guns and tons of scale details.  The video is long, but it shows how the helicopter started out and finished.  Some of the details like the working lights, vents, scale stickers, working guns and wind vane, and even down to the rivets on the fuselage are incredible.  The owner (krumrick2) even shows how he modified the original fuselage to make it so realistic.  It is amazing the patience and skill some of the rc modelers have.

Learn more about the Bell Ah-1 Cobra Helicopter



Quad Copters programed for formation flight

The University of Pennsylvania developed a QuadCopter that's flight plan can be programmed.  They were able to create programs that allowed the Quadcopter to fly in formation.  See More Videos at Kmelrobotics.com

Check it out!


SAG Goblin Team at IRCHA 2013

SAB Goblin 700 RCH Helicopter in inverted FlightHere is a great RC Helicopter Video of the SAB Goblin Team at the 2013 International Radio Controlled Helicopter Association Jamboree

SAB HELI DIVISION is a Division of SAB, a company with 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing carbon fiber rotor blades in Italy. SAB has been achieved worldwide success with numerous championships from World Cup Championship to European Championship, and other USA titles. SAB HELI DIVISION is a result of years of planning and designing the most modern helicopters at highest quality, most aggressive and an uncompromised passion for perfect helicopters. Goblin helicopters from SAB HELI DIVISION blur the tradition boundaries of what is possible to break into a new dimension of this hobby. The Goblin helicopters are very unique in design, ultra fast but also extremely robust for modern extreme 3D pilots.



Hobby vs Toy Grade RC Helicopters

This is a great video by rcflightschool.  Now you know why one RC Helicopter costs more than the other.

Ever wonder what the difference between rc helicopter your buy at toys r us or wal-mart like air hogs and the more expensive hobby grade rc helicopters are? Here are a few thoughts from someone who has ten years' experience in the hobby. Electric remote controlled helicopters are loads of fun in a variety of ways but here we try and help you make the buying decision.

Scale MD500E Video

A video of the RC Aerodyne Scale MD500E RC Helicopter

A Full Size Hughes 500 HelicopterThe successful Hughes 500/MD 500 series began life in response to a US Army requirement for a light observation helicopter.  Hughes' Model 369 won the contest against competition from Bell and Hiller. The OH-6 Cayuse first flew in February 1963.

The 500 series design features shock-absorbing landing skid struts, a turboshaft engine mounted at a 45-degree angle toward the rear of the cabin pod, a fuel tank cell under the floor and the battery in the nose. The engine exhaust port is located at the end of the cabin pod underneath the tailboom. It has a short-diameter main rotor system and a short tail, giving it an agile control response and is less susceptible to weather-cocking.

Hughes won the US Army's LOH contest with its OH-6 helicopter by submitting a very low and aggressive price per airframe (without an engine). Due to rising prices, the US Army later re-opened the contest, where Hughes offered the machine at a more realistic price, but was undercut by the redesigned Bell OH-58 Kiowa (military JetRanger). OH-6 helicopters were still ordered by the US Army, though at a much reduced number.

Hobby King review of KDS Helicopters

This is HobbyKing's Review of KDS Helicopters!



Scale Apache AH-64A RC Helicopter Video

Posted by misteroriginal on Youtube. 

"This blew me away! I'm way more into airplanes than helicopters, but this Apache AH-64A from IndyHelis.com was unbelievable!

The video was shot with a JVC GY-HD200UB camcorder at 720p60 and edited in Final Cut Studio 3."



M.S.H Mini Protos 6S Helicopter Time Lapse Build and Flight!

Cruddbucket uploaded this awesome time lapse build of the M.S.H Mini Protos RC Helicopter.  It also has some super cool flight video.



Check out the ARK RC website here:


And facebook page!


Helicopter specifications:

- M.S.H Mini Protos 'naked' frame
- M.S.H stretch kit
- 350mm SAB Main Blades
- Yellow Gorilla Tail Blades
- 6 cell 1100mAh batteries (used in the flight shown) but getting 1800mAh packs
- M.S.H/Scorpion 1300kV motor
- M.S.H/Y.G.E 60 Amp E.S.C
- M.K.S DS96 cyclic servos
- M.K.S DS95i tail servo
- Mikado Mini Vbar 5.2 Pro (updated software after made this video) with one spektrum satellite receiver
- DX7 Transmitter
- iCharger 3010B

- 14 Tooth pinion
- 70% flat throttle curve = 3225 R.P.M (head speed)
- After 4 minute 3D flight motor temperature = 44 Degress Celsius (24 Degrees Celcius ambient air temperature)
- ESC and battery barely even warm when touched, nice and efficient!

A custom made curved time lapse dolly was used for the shots, if you are interested ask for more info!

Bell 430 RC Scale Helicopter

Found this great video of a Scale Bell 430 RC Turbine Helicopter.  The Videography is awesome.  If you didn't know the was an RC Helicopter, you would thinkg it was the real thing.

More about the Video:

Bell 430 RC Helicopter from Heli-Factory with a JetCat PHT3-XL Turbine. The helicopter could be flown under nice weather conditions at the Hiehl location in Luxembourg near the Mosel river. Visit us at heli.lu



Cruddbucket building the SAB Goblin 700 RC Heli

Cruddbucket posted a very cool RC Heli Video of him unpacking the new SAB Goblin 700 RC Helicopter.  This is a time lapse capture of him also building the RC Heli.  It's super cool to see the helicopter being built with some striking music. 




Here are the details about the Gobin Build from CruddBucket:



SAB Goblin Specifications:
Motor: Scorpion HK-4530 540KV Limited Edition (A.K.A The "Stump puller")
ESC: Scorpion Commander V 50V 130A (SBEC)
BEC: Utilizing ESC BEC -- 7.4V
Cyclic servos: MKS HBL950 HV
Tail Servo: MKS HBL980 HV
Flybarless controller: Full Size Mikado V-bar version 5.2 Pro
Batteries: Thunder Power G6 5000mAh 6S 22.2V 65C
Main and tail blades: SAB
Head speed: 2000, 2300 RPM Utilizing ESC built in governor
Flight duration: 4 minutes 30 seconds, 25% capacity remaining in batteries

I would like to thank:

Aidan, Radar and Jake at ARKRC for helping out with this video - couldn't have made it without you so big cheers m8's!